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I work for a police agency. So what is the deal with CAMSafe?

Let's be up front about CAMSafe.

There is no cost to the community or police service for the program.


It's because CAMSafe didn't start as a profit-generating business plan, but as a movement aimed at enhancing safety through true community partnerships by developing a barrier-free tool for law enforcement. 

That's a lot of fancy words to say CAMSafe was simply created for all the right reasons. 

And what has happened with this approach?

The program blossomed from a project launched by the Belleville Police Service in Belleville, Ont., to surrounding communities. Since, it's grown to be embraced clear across Ontario by not only the provincial police service, but communities and police services large and small. 

CAMSafe has become as much a method for community partnerships and engagement as it has been an extremely successful tool for investigators and officers at any level in a police service. 

There are other products out there attempting to solicit funds and engagement with the law enforcement community for similar-style services.

But let's be clear. 

CAMSafe is a borderless, not-for-profit program operated and owned by the Belleville Police Service to bring police agencies and the communities they serve together under one roof for crime prevention.

Sponsors foot any monetary costs, which allows police services to pour their resources into a public campaign to promote registrations with residents, business, industry and municipal partners.

And CAMSafe is already light years ahead of any similar registry - the program is easy to roll out, intuitive to use and has more public and police engagement than anything in the province of Ontario. 

Hands down. 

If you want your agency to jump onboard this movement, contact us us for more information, guides and reference material to get started in your community.