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Join us in creating a safer community

A collaboration between the community and police to keep residents safe.

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We all play a part in keeping our community safe in this age of connected technology.

Your participation helps to provide a stronger defence from:








Register with CAMSafe with your contact details and camera locations.

Add a Camera

Add any security cameras you own to your profile with details like the direction it faces and what it can see.


If a crime is committed near one of your cameras, someone will contact you to request footage.


No, signing up your camera will allow police to see the contact information you provided only. So if a crime happens nearby, police can reach out to you directly and request your footage. Camsafe does not want your account login information or access to your cameras at all. We are simply a voluntary registry of camera owners.

Having a detailed registry of CCTV, cloud-based and security cameras in the city will save officers dozens, if not hundreds of hours. Essentially, it alleviates the needs for police to go door to door searching for residences and businesses which are equipped with cameras. This resource can also be extremely helpful in a situation where time is key and footage is crucial – such as a kidnapping or robbery.

Yes, at anytime you can login to your profile and remove or add a camera. You can delete your account at any time.

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